the art of

Oct 19 2013
Making some sense immersed in chaos
Never seeing an end to this madness
The wheel of destruction spins
What cycle am I in?
Something to ponder, either my dreams or aspirations, or give into these tedious temptations.
Looking back, at the mistakes, the scars.
Where would I be if I was honest with myself… living the delusion… the social constructs that bind us all… that convert even the wise ones into fools.
The being becoming is not passive, to be anything you have to put into practice the being, you cannot become something without action.
You are walking on glass, step lightly so it does not break (unless you want to be cut). Move silently so your enemies will not hear you. Cloak yourself in mystery. We will take our secrets to the grave.
Deconstruct. Decompress. Ignore the fallacies. Open yourself to the truth and the power within you. This is a dream not a nightmare. You imagined it and make it so. Deprogram the lies you were taught to believe in. Lose faith in your thoughts, your beliefs, your values. Instead have faith in yourself. You are the one, the chosen one, you have the power to change. I have faith.


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